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    Be a part of the newest Multilevel Marketing and Direct Selling that's good to your health and wealth.

    NBO-Global is a combination of Fastrack, Unilevel, Binary and repeat purchase Uni-level plan. The business consists of products and sharing of the business plan to prospective clients.

    A person desiring to enter into business of New Business Opportunity has to purchase a NBO Package for only Php 1,088.

    A unique business endeavor the aims to promote world class standard products and a system that will enable you to reach your dreams.

    With our team of industry leaders, we assure that we will all share a wonderful future.

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    Code of Ethics

    1. I will reflect the integrity of NBO through all my work and action.
    2. I will observe and support our current NBO company policies
    3. I will truthfully represent quality value and performance of NBO products
    4. I will honesty portray the earnings potential of NBO marketing program.
    5. I will conduct my business in such a manner that will enable all other NBO distributor to build their business benefits from NBO compensation plan.


    God wants us a good life Isaiah 66:12 He does not want sickness, miserable life of poverty. He wants us to be whole and well. It is the purpose of the family to have team working to earn together, with a simple marketing tool, working as one loving family. Unit.

    To see everyone consuming the “world healthiest food” and earning momentous income. To get the bounty of God prepared in the midst of our industrious team workers.


We use only earns FACEBOOK and INTERNET!!! Pope to leave you still there??? INCOME is increasing in Organo Gold! How does or will do?

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For those who are interested to Earn Money Online using Facebook and Internet without leaving your family at home,

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Only serious inquiries will be entertained.

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The first lesson in Rich Dad Poor Dad is that the rich don't work for money. If you see a business owner golfing at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, in most cases, they have either passive income working for them or they have people working for them. There are three types of incomes that you're going to learn from this book:

  • Earned Income
  • Passive Income
  • Portfolio Income

The 3 types of income listed above are going to be described and taught to you in detail in “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I'm telling you right now that this is going to change your life and your current situation for the better. You don't need a job to be successful; if you're driven, ambitious, a leader, a developer and want to be an entrepreneur you don't want to find a job and help build someone else's dream. What you do want is to own your own business and build your dream. Rich Dad Poor Dad outlines these concepts and will help you jump start your entrepreneurship.

Today I’m going to do a book review on Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book was probably the turning point for me to start my own business and to really pave my way to success. Rich Dad Poor Dad is based on a true story about 2 dads that Kiyosaki had – one was his real, biological dad and the other was his best friends’ dad. His biological father was very well respected and worked for the government; he had a very high position and was paid really well. His best friends’ dad left school very early and started his own business. The irony in the story is that the rich dad is his best friends’ dad, and the poor dad is his own dad because the whole book is about how they do not teach you proper finance at school. They don’t really teach you to become an entrepreneur and to start your own business at school and realistically, that’s the best way to make a substantial amount of income and to achieve financial freedom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad” is about the differences between his 2 different father figures and how the attitudes of one contrast the attitudes of the other. This is the basic concept to the book, but essentially it’s a real good business overview. Kiyosaki goes into talk about the cash-flow quadrant and how it’s so important, but the main point that I got from this book is that another quadrant that incorporates Employees, Business Owners, Self-Employed, and Investors.

Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about how to transition from being an employee, working for someone else to becoming self-employed, working for you. Then Kiyosaki tells you how to transition to becoming a business owner and having a system to run your business, this is a little trickier than the first transition, but it’s extremely possible for people who have dreams and visions of having their own business. The next step is to have funds to put in the investors side and that’s where you can get your money to work for you. Personally I’ve done all these transitions – I went from an employee to becoming self-employed, then I started up my own business and when I had enough funds to invest, I did that and continue to do so. You always need to go through these stages to get to the fun side of the quadrant - B and I. This is what “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is all about.

If you have any ambitions or dreams about becoming more than you are at the moment, I highly recommend this book. As I mentioned above, Rich Dad Poor Dad was the turning point for me because it allowed me to realize that I was fully capable of making money work for me and it showed me how to do it, and it can do the same for you!